Altair Verdict Featured in Daily Journal

In the News

Andje Medina’s recent trial verdict was published in the Daily Journal’s Verdicts and Settlements on Friday, September 15, 2018. The verdict highlights the firm’s willingness to try cases against low settlement offers and hold defendants accountable for their negligent actions.

The verdict, which was issued in May of 2018, represents the conscience of twelve members of the San Francisco community who stood up against a wealthy and powerful landlord and gave justice to the daughter of a woman who was killed because of dangerous conditions that exited in her rental apartment. Far too often, we encounter big companies and wealthy landlords who refuse to reinvest their rental income into their aging and often unsafe buildings in San Francisco. Property owners and landlords cannot simply put their head in the sand and ignore the needs of their buildings and tenants. Anyone who has been injured by a dangerous condition on property should call Altair attorneys to see if they can help.